Yakusoku no Basho / New World

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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This is the main theme from Final Fantasy XIII-2, sung by Mai Fukui, written by Koichi Tabo, of Superfly.

There were some things I didn’t like about the original song so I have made some minor modifications to make it stand better as a solo piece. For instance, I took out one of the repetitions in the final chorus, and also shortened the outro and included my personal coda. The chords in Yakusoku no Basho are less sophisticated than those in Kimi ga Iru Kara, but it is quite an emotional song overall. My reason for writing an alternative ending, was because the original ending sounded inconclusive, as it ends on an imperfect cadence. I don’t know the story of Final Fantasy 13 extremely well, but as it is a sequel, I would imagine the story comes to a close. So I thought a traditional perfect cadence ending on the tonic (with signature added second) would work better.