Music Arrangement

Play the music that you love.

Sometimes, you just can’t seem to find the sheet music for a song or piece that you want to play. That’s where Audiomuse comes in. From an audio recording or score, I can compose the arrangement that you require.

Fit for a professional.

Audiomuse scores are performance ready. Proper analysis is given to note spellings, rhythmic clarification, and system break placement so that a musician can read and play easily.

Close to the original. Practical for the hands.

All arrangements are transcribed very accurately. When something is just not playable due to the capabilities of the instrument (or ensemble), I will choose the next best alternative.

Melodic lines deserve to shine.

When there is a melodic line or countermelody in a keyboard work or part, I’ll show it clearly with stem directions, slurs, or articulations so that you know which notes to emphasize.

More than piano.

Having played in both a trio and an orchestra, I’ve arranged and composed music over the years for groups of players large and small. You would receive the full score and parts.