Original composition

One composer.
Many styles.

From classical music to modern film scores, I have explored an eclectic mix of styles over the years. Every note and motif is placed with deliberation, to ensure my music is evocative and memorable.


Specifically a la J.S. Bach, Baroque is one of the main styles I specialize in. Fugue, canon, and ritornello are among my favourite elements to incorporate from this early musical genre.

Video game music

I also specialize in Japanese role-playing game background music, which often involves fight scenes, character leitmotifs, towns, and dungeons. Think Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

High fantasy

Picture a film with flying ships, cannon balls, and moments of relief. Film scores for this genre usually allow for various contrasting orchestral textures, allowing the music to “take you places.”


Sometimes, you just want to chill. Or maybe you want to be sly. Jazz is great for evoking sophistication, allurement, and cleverness. I am capable of various styles including bossa nova and 50s American cool jazz.