Featured Project

Opening Quest

Two friends are on an journey towards the same goal. But can both be winners?

Opening scene. Our protagonists race for the last airship.

Opening Quest tells the story of two young boys on a journey to a magical floating castle. It is later revealed that the film is a fantastic allegory for the human fertilization process. The film is directed by Dan Kim, and features an original film score by Vincent Lo.

Play Overture & first battle

The overture features an energetic string ostinato as the camera flies through the sky whizzing past floating isles and fluffy clouds. A heroic main theme played by horns and trumpets describes children running towards a fleet of docked airships.

Conflict ensues when the antagonist attempts to take over their ship. The two boys work together to defend themselves and make their safe escape.

Play Second Battle

The antagonist is encountered for a second time in a sword battle. In contrast, the music is darker and more intense, using low strings and timpani to create a driving rhythm, while the brass and woodwinds perform “perilous” melodies in the upper register.

Play Goddess theme

The goddess is a mysterious ethereal character. To capture the heavenly atmosphere, I use slow-moving strings and overlapping suspensions. The theme resolves to an indeterminate harmony to evoke feelings of loss and longing.

Play Ending

The cadence from the previous theme is juxtaposed with warm, familiar tonalities, bringing the audience back to the main theme, this time, slower, and heard in the strings. Finally, the main theme is repeated in full once again during the credits.